Sims freeplay tips and tricks to make you a PRO!

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Like every other game, this game also requires some tricks that help you excel this game. Here we are providing some tips and tricks that can let you be the champ of the game. These tips are basically attempting at procuring the need fulfilling things and reaching the higher levels in the game. The better level you are at, more money you will earn. So, the primary focus has to be at reaching higher levels.

Also, we are providing some tricks that will help you in the long run:

  1. Focus on the quantity of the things that you buy, if you plan to buy 1 expensive object, buy 2 but which are less expensive. This will keep you going continuously and won’t hinder a swift processing. Also, sims do not need to sleep as such, keep the coffee machine on work, coffee keeps them active.
  2. Incase your sim is not able to go to the washroom to pee, you can prevent them from wetting their pants but shaking your gadget and forcing them to puke. This will make them vomit and later you will be needed to clean up. This will also fetch you points.
  3. Open up community center to let your sims acquire a hobby for themselves. Honing skills will let you attain points and reach higher limits.
  4. Spend money wisely; spend it according to the needs that incur. Do not spend money on unnecessary things; you never know when any contingency arrives!
  5. If you need to execute any task immediately but the game requires you to wait for some time, there is a shortcut to it. Go to your data settings and let your game go under a time travel.


There are more ways but we have focused on the most effective ones!

Let’s talk about a Secret now!

The Sims FreePlay Hack

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