Legend of Zelda Expected to Come on Android Soon

The massively played hugely popular Nintendo game Legend of Zelda is expected to hit our mobile devices soon. Nintendo is trying to win the smartphone gaming market by introducing this game on mobile devices. The release dates of this game hasn’t been announced yet but we know that it’s going to be released following the mobile version of another Nintendo game Animal Crossing which is going to be released in next fiscal year. Sources report that the Animal Crossing game is going to be released in the second half of 2017 which makes release of Legend of Zelda in 2018.

legend of zelda android

What’s going on with Nintendo?

Nintendo has launched one of its game Miitomo which became popular but vanished from AppStore chart quickly after that. Nintendo is trying to work its way out in the mobile market. Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem heroes brought some profit to them. The total income of Nintendo was of $176.4 million in the previous fiscal year.

Nintendo might be having high hopes with Legend of Zelda. Making the game work on smartphone touch screen may be a tough job for Nintendo. But let’s hope that they will achieve it. We have seen Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild hit the epitome of success on Switch and Wii U. This game was titled as the “best Zelda game of all time” by the critics and in its reviews.

Let’s hope for the best

We all know Nintendo has given us some amazing memories. Although it’s going through a hard time but let’s hope that it will soon be back with some more amazing games for the smartphone users. Share this post with your friends to let them know about this amazing news. We will keep posting more articles about the progress of this game. So, stay tuned and keep gaming.

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