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Clash Royale is one of the biggest mobile games the gaming world has ever seen. It boasts of a large community of players from all around the world. Although the game is really addictive and fun to play but still beginners struggle to grasp this game in their initial stages. That’s why today we decided to provide you an amazing guide on Clash Royale Game. We will debunk the strategies and tactics that the pro players use to win each and every battle. So, let’s get started with best Clash Royale Tip and Tricks for beginners.

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Balancing the Deck

clash royale tips and tricks

Everyone loves cards like the Giant, Prince, Golem. But we all know that you can’t have these high elixir value cards in your deck more than once as it will raise your average elixir value. So, what is the solution? The solution is to maintain a balance between strength and elixir value. Best way to do this is to closely analyze your deck and ask yourself some questions.

  1. Do I have a giant card in my deck?
  2. Do I have an attacking card in my deck?
  3. Does my deck contain a card which can strike from the air?
  4. Does my deck contain a card which can stop the giants of my opponents.
  5. And so on…

Customize your deck according to your playing style and balance your average elixir to around 4.0.

Two are better than one

So you sent Giant Skeleton and skeleton army brought him down, what will you do in these kind of annoying situations? The answer is using pair units. Pair units are pair of two different cards which when sent together towards the enemy provide protection to each other and attack on the tower as well. For example sending the Giant and Baby Dragon or wizard will protect protect the giant from getting killed by skeleton army. Figure out these combination and become invincible.

clash royale tips

Let the elixir build – or don’t

The big question that we all face in the starting of a battle is whether to start using the cards right away or let the elixir build. What I do is I look at the initial cards that I get in the battle and choose accordingly. If I have a combination of cards like Prince + Skeleton Army or Mini P.E.K.K.A. + Prince, in general Attacking + Groups or Attacking + Attacking cards then I go for the direct full fledged attack. If I have High Elixir Value Card + Small Unit Cards (skeletons, goblins etc) I choose to wait. So, if you can surprise your opponent and give him a tough time in the start go for a direct attack if not then waiting is the only option.

Use Buildings for Defense

This is really really annoying for your opponents. Placing a building in front of your towers is a great way to protect yourself from a troop attack or giants attack I just love this technique. I keep two buildings in my deck. First building generates goblins or any other troop that can attack too and the second building is only for stopping the giants. So, till the giant finishes destroying the first building my elixir goes again to a level from which I can either place one more building or use any other card. Not to mention the damage that giant gets from the tower archers.

Distract your opponent’s army

This is again going to be really annoying for your opponents. As soon as your opponents crosses the bridge place a building or drop a giant or drop any card that will lead his troops to attack that card instead of the towers. In this way you can deal with cards like Prince (who totally destroys your tower in seconds). Tower archers will do their job and the card that is dropped to distract will also do its job.

Some Quick tips

  1. Spawn your giants behind your tower so in the time they reach the bridge you can gain a little elixir to drop one more unit.
  2. Keep in mind – The elixir you used should always be lesser than what your enemy used. Try to win in the elixir trade. This can be done by remembering elixir values of the cards.
  3. Learn from your mistakes. Watch your replays and TV Royale replays. You will learn what mistakes you and other players do while in the battle.
  4. Don’t be greedy. Destroyed the first tower? Good, now defend your tower from getting destroyed instead running for the second tower or the King’s tower. Don’t follow this if your opponent is not a good player, punish him for being a newbie.

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So, these are some Clash Royale Tips and Tricks. We hope that you liked them. If you have any tips and tricks to share with us please comment in the comments section below. Share these tips and tricks with your friends too. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading.

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12 thoughts on “Clash Royale Guide – Tips and Tricks

  1. these tips are good for beginners like me. coming to your third tip, i always love to rush first it just totally annoys my opponent 😛

    1. Same here james! but don’t forget one thing your opponent has the same amount of elixir in the starting so he may try to block your attack. To avoid this you can send the troops on both the bridges which will make it a little difficult for him to tackle it.

  2. Good tips for beginners and intermediate players. Guys with around 1500-2000 trophies will need these tricks to enhance their gaming style and thinking.

  3. I liked the using building as defense tip. I tried it in a match lol the opponent was really annoyed and obviously it saved me some time to rebuild my elixir and attack again. nice work!

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