Everwing Tips and Tricks from Beginner to PRO!

Hello fellas! Today we are bringing you some amazing tips and tricks on your favorite game Everwing. We all know how amazing this Facebook Messenger game is. Today we will talk about some of the common tips and tricks that every beginner should know about to excel in his/her game. Although Everwing is not at all a complex game but still in order to enjoy it completely you need to learn about some basic tips and tricks. So, without any further ado let’s discuss about the Everwing Tips and Tricks.

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Everwing Tips for Beginners

These tips are for complete newbies who have just started playing this game and are facing some obstacles. Applying these tips and tricks in your game might help you in becoming a intermediate level player. So, let’s learn about Everwing tips for beginners. Some more tips available at CatsCheats.com.

  • Unlock all the fairies as soon as possible: – Your first aim in the game should be to unlock all the fairies in the game. If you succeeded in unlocking these fairies you can send them on quests and they will get you some free coins. So, the more fairies you send on quest the better it is.
  • Lower down the graphic settings: – Not everyone has a good graphic processor in their mobile devices. If you don’t have a good graphic processor and your game lags during the gameplay you can lower the graphic settings by going into the game settings. The graphics will become a little blurry but the lag will not remain there.
  • Get the sidekicks: – Hatch more eggs and try to get the sidekicks. They are very helpful and help you kill more monsters than you would have killed only with your fairy.
  • Collect the power ups: – In the game you get a chance to collect power ups like shamrocks, mushroom etc. I would suggest you to give them more priority than the coins. You can get the coins anytime in the game but these power ups come up occasionally so don’t miss them. They will help you in getting more coins easily.


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Everwing Tips for Intermediates

These tips are for gamers who are playing this game for a while now and want to improve more. These Everwing tips may help you in your journey to become an expert. So, let’s get started.

  • Choose the fairy according to your aim: – So, if you have unlocked 3-4 fairies its time to choose on which fairy you should work on now. Each fairy has her own special abilities for example Sofia can be used for quests as she completes them at a faster rate. Lily gains 2x the coins and sidekicks xp so choose your fairy according to your aim.
  • Increase the sensitivity: – Go to options and increase the sensitivity of your controls. Increased sensitivity will make it easy for you to move your fairy faster and hence you will be able collect more coins easily.
  • Invest in your damage power: – This one is really important as increasing the damage power makes the game fairly easy for you. The greater your damage power is the easier it is going to be for you to kill the monsters and bosses. If you increased the damage power to a good level you might be able to kill the armored goblins too which provide you lot of crystals and gems. So, invest in the damage power of your favorite fairy.
  • Attacking the raid bosses: – The best way to fight with a raid boss is by having a simple mindset i.e. avoid anything that comes towards you. The raid bosses fights in a different manner than in the single player mode. Keep a good mixture of defense and offense that is the only way you can perform good in the raid battles.

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Everwing tips for Experts

Although experts don’t need tips and tricks but a small dose of tips will not cause any harm. We would love to hear back from you about some of your tips and tricks that helped you in becoming a pro. At N3XT G@ME we believe in helping the gaming community that’s why we keep sharing these tips, tricks, tools for the betterment of the gaming community. Support us by sharing this post on your facebook timeline or on twitter.

  • Gain more legendary dragons: – You can get more legendary dragons by selling your previous dragons. Any dragon that you have upgraded to level 29 is worth selling. You can get 280,000 coins for selling a level 29 dragon. Don’t upgrade it to level 30 as you will get 3000 trophies for selling a level 30 dragon. We want coins to get legendary dragons that’s why it is advised to sell your dragons as they reach level 29. Now after getting these many coins you can start hatching golden eggs.
  • Experiment with the dragons: – This game is all about experimenting to find what works the best. So, in order to understand which rare or legendary dragon is the best you need to experiment with them. Decide which one has the best powers according to you and then use them in the quests and endless rounds to upgrade them and maximize their powers.
  • Aim for the highest score: – Just look at the video below, this guy scored 45k points in the game. Aim for even higher because aiming high is the first step towards success. On this note I end my post on Everwing Tips and Tricks. Stay tuned for more. Thanks for reading.

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